Competing pilots 2017

Athens Drone GP Competing pilots 2017

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fs=Free Style ra=racing sr=Speed Racing

Pilot Country Confirmed Participate
Kyriakos Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Geok Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
HokDog Hellas Yes ra-sr
Bor Russia Yes ra-sr
DuDlik Finland Yes fs-ra-sr
Skia Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Borjo Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Hoonigan Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Nio Hellas yes fs-ra-sr
kokobloko Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Alkis Hellas Yes ra-sr
Geostav-sakAttack Hellas no fs-ra-sr
RaptorSS Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Lee13 Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Zilla Earth Yes fs-ra-sr
RotorHead Hellas Yes ra-sr
Batman hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
VAG Hellas Yes ra-sr
john247 Hellas Yes ra
SrTonyFPV Cyprus Yes fs-ra
Pippos Cyprus Yes sr-ra
Engineer Cyprus Yes fs-ra
Rokfpv Cyprus Yes ra-sr
PraFpv Hellas Yes fs-ra-sr
Zmooth Under a gate Yes ra-sr
Raphino FPV Switzerland Yes ra-fs
Radu Austria Yes ra-fs
Dane Denmark Yes ra-fs-sr
NikolasCh Hellas Yes ra-fs-sr
TempleClause Switzerland No ra-fs
Anikov Fyrom Yes ra
Bnikov Fyrom Yes ra
HALK Hellas no ra
Johnny_fpv Hellas yes ra-sr
SIMOS Hellas Yes fr-ra-sp
Personal Challenge races 
Pilot VS Pilot
HokDog vs Kyriakos
Bor vs DuDlik
skia vs Hoonigan
hokdog vs DuDlik
Alkis vs Lee13
Aliks vs Batman
Engineer vs Pippos
Zmooth vs Zilla
Hoonigan vs Lee13
Lee13 vs Prafpv
Dane vs Raphino
Simos vs johnny fpv

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