Athens Drone GP 2016 -Results



Organized by FPV Racing Club this is the First major FPV racing event in Greece.

1st George Papadimitropoulos (CyberPilot) 1.20.19 (best 1.16.45)
2nd Bill Asimakopoulos 1.24.38
3rd Chris Nikiforos Hoonigan 1.29.44


1st George Papadimitropoulos
2nd George Prountzopoulos
3rd Bill Asimakopoulos


1st George Zilla Nikolaidis
2nd Kiriakos
3rd Geok Panos

More Detailed results in a few hours

any quad copter with frame 200-300 and fpv gear may participate
video at 25 mw tx power is what we suggest but we know that this is not the case for most of the quads … that’s ok so maximum transmission power has to be 200 mw


Football field Giannis Vazos
Keratsini – Pireas

The perfect location for such an event just 15 minutes from the center of the Athens in an urban environment and a stunning sea view from the stands.
Catering provided by the field cafeteria.

25-26 june 2016

Gentlemen start your motors


the pilots fly & the music plays
6 judges
3 minutes to amaze … if you crash, well you’d better not crash…


  • plenty time to practice
  • 2 Individual Time Trials for each pilot.
    Best time is kept first 8 go to Semifinals
  • Semifinals will go by Group of 4
  • First 2 to pass  the semifinals get to race in the Big Final
  • race layout

Speed RACERspeed2

A new type of race . Drones will fly as fast as possible in a circular track (nascar style) no gates to worry about, just 8 flags to keep you on track. A full throttle race, 4 laps of pure motor screams and rush!




Wanna race ?